Necessary Informations For Water Cooling Tower Design

Cooling towers are designed according to meteorological  conditions which belong to the hottest summer days.



Essential main information for designing cooling tower is stated below:

  • Amount of cooling water (m³/h) or capacity (kcal/h, kw)
  • Temperature of hot water(°C)
  • Temperature of cold water (°C)
  • Wet bulb temperature value(°C)

Helpful information:

  • Facility, using cooling water
  • Quality of circulation water (pollution amount)
  • Dry temperature degree of region(°C)
  • Height above the sea level (m)


Important points in cooling tower requests;

  • Tower demand should not be done by just stating the capacity.
  • Water flow, which will circulate  in tower, hot  and cold  water temperatures should be noted.
  • The most important point is the approach value of cooled water temperature to wet bulb temperature. By changing the approach of  water flow, hot water/cold water  temperature difference and cooled water temperature to  wet bulb temperature; it is possible to get many different capacities from the same tower.
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