PVC Film Type Cooling Tower Fill

It forms the heat transfer surface which is needed in heat exchange of water and air in cooling towers. PVC Folio Plaques are formed under vacuum. It is formed as bales so that it can be pasted later. It is used in low temperature process waters (maximum 55°C). It is preferred in such facilities where the water is very clean (purged from dust, dirt and lime). Its performance is much better than other fill types because its heat exchange surface is more. It is possible to be produced as PVC CF- 12, PVC CF- 19, PVC CF- 30 type. PVC CF-30 type fill is successfully being used at purification facilities, especially in biological purification facilities.



Technical Information 

 PVC CF-12   PVC CF-19   PVC CF-30 
 Material  PVC  PVC  PVC
 Material Density  1,35 - 1,43 gr/cm³  1,35 - 1,43 gr/cm³  1,35 - 1,43 gr/cm³
 Pitch  12 mm  19 mm  30 mm
 Block Witdh  300x300xL mm  300x300xL mm  300x300xL mm
 Blockv pieces  25 pcs  15 pcs  10 pcs



PVC CF-12 Film Fill

PVC CF- 19 Film Fill




PVC CF- 30 Film Fill PVC Fill Detail












 PVC CF-M Cooling Tower Fill  PVC CF-O Cooling Tower Fill
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